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Why A Real Estate Agent Will Get You A Better Price When It Comes To Selling Your Home


If you are based in Wellington and want to sell your home you can either sell your home yourself or work with an agent. While homeowners may save if they sell their home themselves, this is often not the best choice for busy homeowners, those who know very little about the market, or those who want the best prices for their homes. 

The slight downward trend in home values in Wellington at the end of 2014, as shown by northernsuburs.co.nz, means that homeowners may be facing an uphill climb when it comes to selling their homes at the most favourable prices. 

While it is true that working with a real estate agent can take a some money from your bottom line sale price, there are certain advantages that make working with an agent a more beneficial option for Wellington home sellers. 

Why You Get Better Home Prices with a Real Estate Agent 

Access to the market 

Your real estate agent has a large network of connections and has an access to the market that is very useful in getting the right buyers. 

When it comes to selling property in Wellington, you need an agent who has the connections to the right buyers who are willing to pay a great price for your property. 

This ensures a fast sale at your ideal price. For example, 2014 real estate reports for Wellington depict more or less steady home values with good activity at the higher end properties or those over $1 million. Your agent knows this and can get you in touch with the right buyers if your property fits the price range. 

Expert presentation


Presentation is one of the main areas where you can take advantage of an agent's experience and skill. Presentation includes making the right repairs to draw in potential buyers, as well as arranging your home to make it appear cozy and inviting. 

Your agent knows how to maximize your home's curb appeal at a low cost, ensuring low presentation expenses for maximum effect. A well-kept home with a modest valuation may be able to command a higher asking price compared to a run-down property in a great neighbourhood. 

Accurate, fair and attractive pricing 

Your real estate agent has a good gut sense of what the best price for your house is, thanks to years of experience and knowledge about the specific requirements and expectations of buyers. 

You need to put your house at a fair offering price in order to get it sold. In most cases, overpriced homes are not sold fast enough because Wellington buyers take one look at the asking price and move on to the next property. 

If you are looking for a real estate agent in Wellington look no further than Nicki Cruickshank- one of Wellington's most trusted and reputable real estate agents. Nicki has the experience and skills that you need to get the best price for your home. Do not settle for less than what your home is worth. 

Nicki can help you get the best price for your home and get you the savings you are after, without any of the trouble and hassle that comes with selling your home on your own. Visit our website today for a free home appraisal.

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